Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I was not well last friday. Sort of migrane but was only at right side. I did not take any medicine at all, it's not my practise, just applied ointment oil and hoping it will cured.
Thot I shud be ok but I'm not. This time was not as b4 where it will normally cured fast. When I reached home, I straight away went into my room and lied down on my bed without bathing since feeling cold and slightly fever also. Never bothered abt my kids, my chores, my dinner, etc. All had been taken over by my hubby.
My dear hubby reported duty at 3 in the afternoon instead of morning upon noticing my condition the next day. As usual, all my duties had been taken care off by him, EVERYTHING, whilst I'm still on my bed.
Woke up in the afternoon b4 he left. Thrown away all my sickness from my mind and do my work till it slowly gone coz the more you think, the more you get sick. Thank you so much dear coz you were so understanding and caring. Luv you so much and really, really, really cant live and smile without you...


  1. aiceh ceh cehh.. bermadah2 plak yer.. hehe

  2. hehe... betul ler... yg tu, tipu2 jerk...

  3. wslm adik yaty.... hehe.... wei, aku ni kehilangan add blog ko, nak tnye asyik lupe jerk...