Monday, November 30, 2009

Day of sacrife and sharing - Salam Aidil Adha

Indahnya alam ciptaan Allah.....
I was at my mom's house. Did not go anywhere, hubby was on duty. Most of my siblings were buzy and engaged with their own commitmets, my elder brother in KL went to Kedah, both my two sisters in Shah Alam and Semenyih gone to Perak and Penang with their hubby whom were outstation and my brother in Endau was also not able to be with us for this Aidil Adha. Therefore, mom was accompanied only by me, my two younger sisters, my youngest brother and her grandchildrens for this occacion of course.
Even after 30 years back, that was in 1977 where I was 9, still and well remembered, the slaughtering of animal carried out at my old premises and that was my late father. The cow was so big, black in colour and was brought back home with the assistance of the villagers by lorry. The slaughtering were started by a benediction ceremonial lead by my late father. After that, my late father was called and he came towards the cow, touches its neck, and the slaughtering began. The meat was divided equally to every home finally. Terkenang arwah bapak yang sudah 10 tahun pergi mengadap ilahi.... sob....sob... sob.... Doa ku untuk mu tak akan terputus, moga kau sentiasa tenang di sana...

Mom was so understanding and still willing to cook for this special day, patiently and managing alone and prepared everything even none was there to help. Thank you so much mom, we know, you're really efficient even in your age now and caring !

My brother from Skudai pay his visit in the evening while my sister came on Sunday. Moga Aidil Adha kali ini memberi keinsafan kepada kita and seluruh umat Islam, memahami serta mengerti erti pengorbanan.


  1. amin... aku dah x tahan ni.... rindu sgt padanya....

  2. salam.... al fatihah gak

    jom,join sama2...