Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My laundry ?

Hello everyone ! A bit sleepy today in the office. Slept at 3.30 am last night. Stayed up... For what ? Huh, not other than completing my pending laundry lah ape lagi, hehe....

Ni kisah my laundrylah. My laundry ni has to be done everyday. Cannot skip even a day or else laundry become as high as mount Everest. Four kids + me & hubby, so, total of us, 6 persons in the house, 4 adults and 2 kiddies. My kiddies lak will always brought back so much of their dirty clothes also, u know lah nursery kan, keep on changing all the time, oklah tu, me tak kisah pon. Therefore, kat rumah memang xde nye sikit-sikit punye laundry. Mane tak jadi cam mount Everest ! :P

Actually, my washing machine is not in a good condition thus cud not perform its job efficiently anymore. That is part of the reason also why laundry has always been pending. Washing is not the problem but spinning. My machine cud not spin anymore. So, clothes is not properly dried and because of that I have to do the spinning on my own... Nak tau camne..? Squeezing the clothes lah, huhu... and that needs a lot of energy tau ! So much clothes kene squeeze pulak tu ! My palm, tak payahlah me mention kat sini, dah tentulah sakit. Me pon dah tak superb as before. Tahan buat kerja rumah sampai jauh malam tapi always get tired very fast nowadays especially at this age. Mungkin sebab dah tue kot ? :P

I dont know how long I have to go thru this. Hubby really do understands my difficulties. There's always a planning of buying a new one but at the same time, money is always spent for other important things, :-(

Anyway, got a " hikmah " above of all. It's really a challenge for me and taught to be more patient, learn and cud stand even in a tough time henceforth, no matter for how long and in what condition I am.

That's all guys !

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tosei & roti sardin again !

Whenever there is a time, I will always grab this opportunity to be with them no matter in any occasions, when and where, that is the most and out of everything I always wanna do and really a pleasure for me.

That was midnight, my 3 boys were still fresh while Farah already slept. Abv shots were recorded while waiting for ur tosei and roti sardin to arrive bought by my dear hubby at one of the kedai mamak, hehe... saje jerk.... suke-suke....

In laws visit

From left, my sister in law, nephew, mom in law, niece, k long (bro in laws wife)

Same post but if u can see the only difference was only Faris, he was looking at his granny...

This was last month's visit. Huh, late in publishing. No time. I wish that I cud really find a time to sit down and update my blog all the time but cud not still. Anyway, still happy manage to write one instead of three as what I was hoping. Will try to update regularly after this.

Hehe, where r v...? Huhu back to my story, brought my in laws for makan-makan upon reaching r house at mana lagi, Dataranlah, place we used to dine, where everythings is there like instant maggie, hehehe.... There, we will always look for r usual menu ie. bakso, mi hun sup or gear box sup at stall no. 18 absolutely. Rojak petis, tahu bakar, fried food and steamboat were also part of r menu where it shall never be missed ! My favourite also tu..... Wah, my little sweet princess and little charming prince were so manja. They want their uncle and granny feed them ! Maklum, sesekali jumpe, apa lagi, minta dilayan lerr.....

No opportunity of bringing them for jalan-jalan coz hubby officially got stucked with some important jobs planned earlier by his company where he totally can't escaped. What to do, that is considered top priority also, I mean for a long term, especially when it involves in terms of responsibility besides maintaining of his career for the sake of r family other than money, where I believe it is also a needs for everyone who is living in this kind of world now, everywhere and everytime, money is needed in every single part of ur life too hehe... But my in laws were so well understood. Just spent the day at my house and then visited their besan (my mom), who was staying nearby my house in the afternoon.
The next day - Shopping
Do brought them to Tesco and bought few items to be brought back to N9. Feel glad and happy when hubby do whispered to my ears his appreciation which was from the bottom of his heart, thanked me for my kind hospitality rendered to his parents during their stay. Mestilah, dah kewajipan, mertua pun adalah orangtua kita juga.... Layanan tetap sama seperti orangtua sendiri....